S A I L I N G Tour of Holland (SToH)!

Are you up for a challenge?!? The ultimate combination of match, fleet and coastal racing in one unique sailing event.

During intense racing from dawn till dusk all sailing disciplines are tested. The sum of the individual three ranking for match, fleet and coastal racing will decide who will be the ultimate sailing team….

Come with your ultimate team!

Boat: J/70
Crew: 3-5
(Come with your ultimate team, crew changes are allowed unlimited however the amount of people can’t be alternated!)
(included; bed*, breakfast, lunch, logistics luggage)

* sleeping in tents is free on harbor areas

Registration, contact: info@sailingtourofholland.nl
Sponsoring team: Flags allowed, stickers in consultation

Organization arranges:
– Racing in match, fleet and coastal racing from dawn till dusk
– Bed, breakfast and lunch
– Diner (registration necessary,  costs +/- €10 pp)
– Logistics: Luggage from harbor to harbor transported
– Challenging coastal routes
– Sailing & drinks for and with public (match race arena Enkhuizen)

Teams arrange:
– Team
– Navigation needs (maps, compass, gps)
– Safety regulation needs stated in SI
– Sleeping accommodation, other than free of charge tent option
– Onboard reporter material: you are your own reporter!

*Bring your A game!*