S A I L I N G Tour of Holland; match fleet and coastal racing in one design yachts!

The S A I L I N G Tour of Holland is the ultimate combination of match, fleet en coastal racing in one unique sailing event!
The winners of the S A I L I N G Tour of Holland can rightly call themselves an all-round sailing team! The sum of the individual ranking of the sailing disciplines match, fleet and coastal will determine who can call themselves the ultimate sailing team!

Match racing is the boxing discipline of sailing, one boat battles in close contact matches against the other. There’s no second, the winner takes it all! We make sure the public can be as close as possible to the sailing arena. After the finals everyone is invited to join the fun and sail on the SB20 racing boats with the sailors of the S A I L I N G Tour of Holland. Bringing the sailing sport closer to the public is practical impossible!
Fleet racing is multiple rounds around buoys with a fleet of boats, special for the S A I L I N G Tour of Holland will be short courses as close as possible to the shore. Highly intense, lots of starts and changes to pass and climb in the rankings.
Coastal racing take the fleet from A to B, sometimes with restrictions in route but besides that all options are open and navigation becomes also important besides tactics and pushing for pure boatspeed.

All races counts for the final rankings, who will take this challenge for the search for the ultimate sailors!

Committee of recommendation:
– Bouwe Bekking
– Pieter Jan Postma
– Carolijn Brouwer
– Marcelien Bos de Koning
These Dutch sailing icons all support the innovative concept of the S A I L I N G Tour of Holland!

From 24 t/m September 27, 2015 a pilot and first edition of the S A I L I N G Tour of Holland took place in Elliot 6m one design class boats. The first edition took the sailors from Medemblik to Hindeloopen, Lemmer, Enkhuizen and back to Medemblik. After the great succes of this pilot edition the new edition will take place in the even more spectaculair SB20 class, making it possible to invite more teams to battle it out!

The Boat


LOA 6.15 m (20.2 ft)
Beam 2.15 m (7 ft 1 in)
Draft 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in)
Hull weight 685 kg (1,510 lb)
(inc. 327 kg (721 lb) keel)
Mast height 9.05 m (29.7 ft)
Mainsail area 18 m2 (190 sq ft)
Jib / Genoa area 9.3 m2 (100 sq ft)
Spinnaker area 46 m2 (500 sq ft)
RYA PN 911

The SB20 is a small pocket rocket boat! The SB20 is an economical feasible and very spectaculair sports boat, with a strict one design ethos and over 700+ boats world wide! Enough potential teams to invite to battle it out. The boat and even the sails are strictly one design! This makes sure all competitors race with the same needs. The sailing skills of a team make the difference, not how deep their pocket are.

The perfect boat for the S A I L I N G Tour of Holland!


About the SB20